Double Lake

Apart from having two lakes as water reservoirs in both the dry and rainy seasons, Double Lake is also designed with an efficient infrastructure as follows:

  • The concrete and solid RC walls are strong and can prevent floodwater up to 1.40 meters from the public roads.
  • The footings of the flood protection walls are resistant to the pressure of flood water.
  • The roads within the development are 2.60 meters above sea level.
  • The box culverts are located close to the public drain.
  • The waste pipe is installed with a water gate and an automatic water pump preventing water from outside from getting into the building in case of flooding.
  • There is a trap duct for preventing outside water from seeping into the building.
  • An underground tank and water filter are provided for water purification before supplying the water to each unit.
  • The bottom floor of the development is 2.80 meters above sea level.
  • The first floor of the building is built with tempered laminated glass with a thickness of 6+6 millimeters.
  • Electrical switches and sockets are 1.20 meters above the floor to prevent electric shock.
  • The power distribution room, water pump, and water filtration system are located on the second floor to ensure safety. Because Double Lake Condominium is located in Muang Thong Thani … the town built with a broad vision and now considered a town of the future.
  • Muang Thong Thani

    Muang Thong Thani does not flood due to the long-term vision in city planning 20 years ago. Today it has been clearly proven. What helps prevent Muang Thong Thani from flooding? Here are the answers.

  • Every project in Muang Thong Thani is approximately 2.64-3.04 meters above mean sea level.
  • There are 2 lakes used for draining rainwater, with a total area of 381 rai and a capacity of 12,000,000 cm3. The amount of water in both lakes is kept balanced at all times. The water level is set at about -80 cm. from the bank level.
  • There are two completely separate drainage systems: storm drainage and sewage drainage. Waste water and rainwater will not get mixed. Therefore, the rainwater from the streets and areas within Muang Thong Thani can be stored efficiently.
  • The storm drainage system is installed with 5 pumping stations and 24 water pumps to quickly drain water out of the area. In case of heavy rainfall or flooding as occurred in the past, the water will be pumped into the two lakes. Some will be pumped into Khlong Bang-Pood. If the water level in the lake is high and cannot store any more water, the water will be pumped into another large lagoon. When the water in the lagoon is full, the water will be pumped into Khlong Bang-Pood and continue flowing into the Chao Phraya River, having a big floodgate control the water storage and drainage.
  • The sewage drainage system is installed through the common sewage treatment plant of Muang Thong Thani. It is a closed system, separate from the storm drainage system in the complex and preventing overflow into the drainage system. The wastewater from the buildings will be delivered to the common sewage treatment plant of the complex to get treated to meet the standards of the Ministry of Public Health before being drained into Khlong Bang-Pood and the Chao Phraya River, respectively. A floodgate is also used to control the drainage into the Chao Phraya River.